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France started resumption of nuclear testing on September 5, 1995. In this era, where the entire world is moving towards the abolishment of nuclear arms, France forced this testing against the opposition of all countries. We are filled with surprise, sorrow, and intense anger.

Not only as the country onto which nuclear bombs were dropped 50 years ago in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also as one member of the countries of the world, we would like to use cartoons to send an antinuclear message to the world.

Not only the nuclear tests of France and China, but also the possession of nuclear weapons by the various countries in the world expose humanity to the threat of radiation. Japan also has built many nuclear power stations, and it has asked France for processing of the waste products. The recent accident at the Monju power plant easily could have been much larger.

When nothing is said and nothing is done, sometime the earth will become polluted. Let us express our will now for our children in the not so far future.

COMIC BOX intends to appeal for the abolishment of nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants with cartoons exceeding words until the day when the unnecessary nuclear threat has disappeared.


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